Professional Waxing

At Kaizen, our goal is to provide you with a waxing experience that is not only effective but also comfortable, safe, and hygienic. We take pride in using high-quality waxing systems that have proven track records, enabling us to deliver outstanding results while ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

Our commitment to providing a comfortable experience means that we prioritise your comfort throughout the waxing process. We take every measure to ensure that the waxing treatment is as painless as possible, using techniques and products that minimise discomfort.


We recommend that you gently exfoliate the skin at least 24 hours prior to treatment to facilitate the procedure and enhance the results.


Please avoid exposure to the sun, heat, irritating chemicals, products containing perfume or alcohol and tight clothing. Our aftercare range of products will calm and soothe the most sensitive of skins.

Waxing Etiquette

Please wear appropriate underwear, and not your best set ! If you are having a bikini waxing treatment with us, we can supply you with disposable thongs, and cleansing wipes are available for hygiene and convenience.

High Leg Bikini

From £25

A high leg bikini wax, removing hair from the bikini line and inner thigh

20 mins

Brazilian Bikini

From £35

A landing strip of hair is left at the front and underneath

30 mins

Hollywood Bikini

From £50

The entire bikini area is left nude

45 mins

A selection of extra waxing treatments are available on request as add-on treatments only.