Teen Life

At a time in their lives, where their body and their perceptions are undergoing constant change, a healthy self-image can perform a world of good and allow confidence to flourish.

As soon as skin issues begin the concerns can be immediately addressed and any problem areas can be targeted with products designed specifically for young, breakout prone and delicate skin.

And in this ‘Instagram age’ those finishing touches of style and shape can build confidence and followers!

Clear skin 30


Reveal a healthy and clear skin with this targeted 30-minute treatment for younger skins with specific concerns. The Clear Start range designed specifically for breakout-prone skin is a sophisticated range of products with gentle yet effective formulations that get the job done without irritation or dryness. Oil absorbing, pore cleansing and skin refining, this is a perfect introduction to skin health!

25 mins

Eyebrow Tidy


The eyebrows are gently shaped with tweezers to remove excess hair whilst maintaining a soft, natural effect.

10 mins