The BT-Titan® MN Skin Micro-needling system delivers a highly controlled and precise treatment that is easily adapted to suit your skin needs and comfort.

This advanced treatment produces visible results for all skin types and tones and with minimum down time, thus making it a perfect option if you have a busy lifestyle but still desire great skin.

The treatment involves puncturing the surface of the skin with tiny micro needles in order to stimulate the body into producing healthy collagen and elastin in the areas where the treatment has been performed.

The procedure also creates tiny micro punctures without damaging the epidermis, which hugely increases the absorption of active ingredients by up to 80% and results in a smoother, more radiant and more youthful complexion.

Skin conditions that benefit most from Micro-needling include

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Loss Of Firmness


Uneven Skin Tone

Enlarged Pores



Dull, Sallow Complexions

Stretch Marks


60 mins



The BT Titan® MN Micro-needling Pen is both FDA approved and CE certified. With its Sterile and disposable single use cartridges you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

A complimentary “Post Care Kit” is included with every BT Titan® MN Micro-needling treatment.