Skin Therapies


Skin Therapies

Kaizen Beauty uses the revolutionary DERMALOGICA Skin care system to create a highly personal and memorable Skin care experience. Each one of our facial treatments are designed to induce total calm and relaxation whilst addressing your specific skin concerns and delivering unparalleled results. You are unique and so too are your skin care needs, every treatment is customised to the individual on every visit and thus delivers great results time after time. It’s all about YOU, your experience, and our Passion!

The Ultimate SKIN Treatment
A truly unforgettable facial experience! This facial is customised at every step to suit your skin care needs with the use of professional complexes, serums and botanical mixers. For this reason it forms the foundation treatment from which your skin care programme is developed or as a wonderfully comprehensive ‘stand alone’ treatment!

60mins, £55 (members £50)

The AGE Smart Treatment:
This revitalising, multi-vitamin power boost treatment is specifically designed to firm, smooth, nourish, regenerate and energise ageing skin, especially one showing the visible signs of premature ageing, photo ageing or sun damage. Glowing results are experienced when a course is undertaken.

60mins, £60 (members £50)
75mins, £70 (members £65)

The UltraCalming Treatment:
This super-soothing skin treatment can bring immediate relief for clients who suffer from irritated, reactive and sensitized skin by gently calming and soothing the causes behind redness, itching, burning and stinging. It also aids in recovering your skin’s health for long-term relief from inflammation and redness.

50mins, £50 (members £46)

The Medicated Clearing Treatment:
The perfect professional treatment for those concerned with adult acne, breakouts, comedones and generally congested skin. This deeply purifying and detoxifying facial targets current blemishes, prevents future breakout activity, clarifies and works to promote a consistently clear complexion. In severe cases, a course of treatments is strongly recommended.

50mins, £50 (members £46)

The Skin Brightening Treatment:
This super effective skin treatment accelerates brightening, improves skin tone, enhances skin clarity and creates a fresher, healthier appearance. Powerful exfoliants smooth the skin and slough off dulling surface cells, helping to minimize the appearance of sun and age spots. It is most effective as a series of treatments that are combined with a homecare regime.

60mins, £55 (members £50)

The Active Smoothing Treatment:
This intensive resurfacing treatment is specifically designed for advanced skin care users who require the Ultimate in active treatments for ultra smooth results. Achieve dramatic results on areas of premature ageing, pigmentation and scarring. Recommended as a course of 6 treatments.

50mins, £300 (members £270)

MicroZone® Treatments
MicroZone® treatments are the high-intensity, accelerated version of the Skin Treatments that provides a true skin care solution in just 20 minutes and are ideal for solving skin care concerns between professional treatments.

Chose from:

Flash Exfoliation / Age Management / Moisture Boost / Skin Soothing / Oil Control / Rapid Spot Clearing / Blackhead Relief / Eye Rescue / Lip Renewal

20mins, £25 (members £22)

Touch Therapies
These are 15 minute “add-on” treatments for extra special attention where you need it most or simply just because… you LOVE it! They are super intensive, suitable for all skin conditions and fit right into your treatment regimen, as they can be performed during the masque phase for the Ultimate experience!

15mins, £20 (members £17)

Stress Relief Face Relax and rebalance the complexion with pressure point and gentle drainage movements. Great for all skin conditions and sinus congestion.

Stress Relief Scalp Specific massage movements increase blood flow and relax tightened muscles to ease pressure and induce relaxation.

Stress Relief Neck and Shoulders Release tension in the neck, and upper shoulders with gentle pressure and massaging movements that calm and relax.

Stress Relief Back Every client can benefit from special attention paid to the neck, arms and back. Relieve stress and anxiety while helping to loosen tight muscles for all-over relief.

Stress Relief Feet Revive and restore energy in the entire body with compression techniques and foot specific massage.

Stress Relief Hand and Arm Relax completely with deep tissue massage movements that focus on the arms, hands and fingers.

The Face Mapping® Skin Analysis
This procedure provides the skin therapist with an objective view of the skin’s condition, as well as an indication of the underlying health issues that might be affecting it. The skin analysis divides the face into 14 distinct zones, each with its own set of potential problems and unique needs, guaranteeing that the subsequent professional treatment and homecare prescription will fully address your concerns. (Cost is deducted from products purchased)

20mins, £20

Skin Bar®
After Face Mapping learn hands-on, how to use the products within your prescribed regimen under the guidance of a professional skin therapist. (Cost is deducted from products purchased)

30mins, £30

Please Note that Kaizen Beauty operates a 24 hour cancellation policy.