Eye Essentials


Eye Essentials

‘Windows to the soul’, our eyes express our lives, our moods and our feelings. They communicate with the world around us, so why not give them the attention they deserve.

Accentuate, define, create your look. From shaping and tinting, to subtle or dramatic eyelash extensions, let your eyes do the talking for you.

Eyebrow re-shaping
£16 (members £14)

Eyebrow tidy

Eyebrow tidy & tint
£22 (members £20)

Eyelash tint
£22 (members £20)

Eyebrow tint
£12 (members £10)

Eyelash & brow tint
£30 (members £27)

Eyelash & brow tint, brow shape
£38 (members £35)

A patch test is required 24 hours prior to your first tinting treatment

Eyelash Application

Lengthen volumise and enhance your lashes with eyelash extensions.

Cluster lashes
30mins, £25 (members £22)

Individual lashes – Natural
90mins, £70 (members £65)

120mins, £85 (members £80)

Please Note that Kaizen Beauty operates a 24 hour cancellation policy.